1-Salary of an IAS officer?

There are many people who want to know the salary of an ias officer.The salary of an ias officer per month and other facilities provided to him are explained in details in this article. So here we will discuss everything related to the salary of an ias officer and other benefits given to her. The basic  Salary of an ias officer after the 7th pay commission is around Rs 56100 per month excluding DA,HRA,TA etc. which is the starting period.

Though many other monetary benefits are not included in the above mentioned salary. The basic salary of an ias officer is around Rs 56100 + DA +HRA and TA . If we add all of these amount together , the salary of an ias officer in hand will be around Rs 80,000 per month in the starting.

The salary of an ias officer also changes twice in a year during the time of DA revision. The DA which is dearness allowance is based on the inflation in the market determined by government body revised twice in a year.

The annual increment is 3% of the basic salary which is given once in a year so we can expect the increase in the salary of an ias officer thrice in a year. ( 2 DA + 1 Increment)

If you calculate all of these amount on current rate where DA is 2% and HRA @ 24% ( depend on the class of city ) and transport allowance etc. The total salary of an ias officer goes up to Rs-80,000.00 to Rs-100000.00 Per month.( it may change slightly )

The annual salary of an ias officer is the total of 12 month salary and increase in DA , increment which is around Rs-800000.00 ,which is good enough in the starting period of the service.

Once you become senior in service , you get promoted and your salary will also increase. When you get promoted to higher rank, you get one additional increment of 3%+3% so the salary of an ias officer on promotion jump to new high than his previous salary.

2-IAS Officer Salary In Details-

Salary of an ias officer during training may vary little but once you get your first posting as SDM , you get full salary which include above mentioned salary and other facilities.

An ias officer get so many other benefits which are provided by Govt at very nominal charge  and some of them are also FREE. An IAS officer get Free House /bungalow , car with driver for official use and many more .

There are some other benefits of being an IAS officer which value is far high than the salary of an IAS officer. The respect and job satisfaction is the biggest part of the IAS service which can not be compared in monetary terms.

An IAS officer has enormous opportunity to change the life of people by implementing people centric policy which can help poor people of the country. An IAS officer has the opportunity to improve the life of million just by taking appropriate decision-making and policy formation.

So the amount an IAS officer get from the government is enough to meet her needs and the details of the ias officer salary is explained in details in later in this article.

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3-Salary of an IAS officer Before 7th Pay Commission.

Salary of an ias officer is also increased after 7th pay commission which comes in the group A and level 10. Salary of an ias officer at entry-level is around Rs 80,000. Before 7th pay commission the salary of an ias officer was Rs 60, 000. included DA, HRA, TA etc.

 Salary of an ias officer also varies from junior scale to super time scale , where junior IAS officer gets salary around Rs 80, 000 and senior ias officer salary is more than Rs 250,ooo per month. These estimates are of 7th pay commission.

Let’s have the pay structure of the salary of an IAS officer before 7th pay commission to estimate the change.

  • Junior Scale ias officer : Pay Band: Rs 15600-39100 plus Grade Pay Rs 5400
  • Senior Time Scale ias officer: Pay Band: Rs 15600-39100 plus Grade Pay Rs 6600
  • Junior Administrative Grade ias officer: Pay Band: Rs 15600-39100 plus Grade Pay Rs 7600
  • Selection Grade ias officer: Pay Band: Rs 37400-67000 plus Grade Pay Rs 8700
  • Super Time Scale ias officer: Pay Band: Rs 37400-67000 plus Grade Pay Rs 10000
  • Above Super Time Scale

4-Salary of an IAS officer After 7th Pay Commission.

Salary of an ias officer after 7th pay commission is based on the pay matrix and pay level. so now the salary of an ias officer and other govt officer in same group are designed like this . Lets have a look on the picture of the pay matrix –

Salary of an IAS officer

Salary of an IAS officer

5-Salary of an IAS officer scale wise-

1-Junior scale ( SDM , SDO )

  • Salary- Rs-50000 – Rs-150000
  • Grade Pay-16500.

2-Senior time scale-DM

  • Salary-Rs-50000 -Rs-150000.
  • Grade Pay-Rs 20000.

3-Special secretary.

  • Salary-Rs-50000 – Rs-150000.
  • Grade Pay-Rs 23000.

4-Secretary to a Ministry

  • Salary Rs-100000 -Rs-200000.
  • Grade Pay-Rs-26000.

5-Principal Secretary

  • Salary- Rs-100000- Rs-200000.
  • Grade Pay-Rs-30000.

6-Chief Secretary States.

  • Salary-Rs-225000.

7-Cabinet Secretary of India.

  • Salary-Rs-250000 Fixed.

The Monthly salary of IAS officer is fragmented like this-

  • Basic Salary- 56100.00
  • HRA-24%
  • TA-7200.00 (approx)
  • NPS-5780.00 (approx)
  • Income Tax-7350.00 (approx)
  • Deductions-5000.00(approx)
  • Net Salary-60000.00 (approx).

6-Salary of an ias officer per month in India.

Salary of an IAS officer per month is based on the 7th pay commission varies from rank to rank. Where a newly IAS officer who just joined after training period earn around Rs 80000 to Rs 90000 per month. This salary is inclusive of all the DA , TA and other allowances ( Actual salary may vary slightly ).

There are lots of other factors which affect IAS officer salary , ultimately increase the salary of an IAS officer . Some of them are a type of posting area (foreign posting , types of post ( IMF Posting , WHO posting ) you are holding etc.

Though the salary of an IAS officer is not very high as most people expect due to various reasons. The responsibility of an IAS officer much higher than the govt payment to them. But there are also some perks which are only enjoyed by IAS , IPS officers in India.

The respect , power , prestige are so high that no one looks the salary for bigger deciding factor ass a career. There are other facilities which are absolutely free to an IAS officer where other govt servant do not get them in entire career.

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If you compare the salary of an IAS officer with the salary of a private job you may not able to justify them . In private sector you do not have job security as in govt sector . They pay be paying you more this time but no guarantee that the salary will increase every time .

In private sector job , there are many more things which decides your salary and affect your career like your experience , performance etc. But In govt sector , you just need to clear UPSC once in your life and rest of things will happen automatically . ( promotion , salary increase etc. )

There might be very few people who join IAS for the salary package because IAS is one of the most prestigious service which give you wide are to work , lots of experience . IAS is one of the best govt service which give you so many power and authority so you can make considerable change in the life of common man.

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7-Salary Of An IPS Officer Per Month  ?

There are many questions about the salary of an IPS officer in India or some people ask the salary of an IPS officer . The salary of an IPS officer is almost equal in most of the time because both of them are group A officer and come in the line of same pay matrix as per 7th pay commission.

Both of them are selected from UPSC exam process and they have slightly difference of few marks or by choice they get IAS and IPS .

In monetary terms as we have already mentioned that the salary of an IPS officer per month is around Rs-80000 which inclusive of all the allowances and DA , TA etc. It can be different if you are posted in high altitude area in deputation or in foreign posting.

The salary of an IPS officer during training is same as an IAS officer earn because both of them start their initial stage posting in same place which is basic training course. After that they went to their specific training location / institutes for further training.

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8-Salary Of An Ias Officer During Training Period-

The salary of an IAS officer during training is little less than they get after first posting. Initially an IAS officer earns around Rs 40000 per months. This salary is also deducted for various sub-charges. So you will get around Rs-30000 rupee per month .this amount is enough to meet your daily expenses in the academy.

Most of the expenses are FREE in academy or you have to pay very less like mess bills. You need not to worry about the salary during training period because once you complete your course , you will be getting full salary on monthly basis.

The lifestyle during ias training is very busy so you do not get so much time to go out daily and do lot of shopping. Training period is the golden time when IAS trainee acquire the best knowledge from the best professor of the country.

IAS officer has long training period due to vast syllabus so they have to study well to get good marks in the exam and become a well-educated IAS officer.The salary amount during training is also not very bad, it is around Rs-30K per month.


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9-Salary Of An Ias Officer In Hand-

Salary of an IAS officer in hand is the total amount of salary minus the deduction made from it . It can be around Rs-70000 after deducting some basic fees.The deduction can be monthly basis or years basis. Some of the deduction may be your PF deduction , your loan deduction which you can take after completion of the course etc.

The salary in Hand is the amount which is totally depend on you that how much you need in hand to fulfil your daily needs. The rest of amount you can invest , save or pay EMI etc.

There are some more interesting questions mostly asked in internet about the salary of an IAS officer – These questions are the gross salary of an ias officer , annual salary of an IAS officer , total salary of an ias officer,salary of ias officer in up, yearly salary of an ias officer and joining salary of an IAS officer in india.

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All of these question has similar answer but in different format. If we talk about the gross salary of an IAS officer it means we are adding all the amount IAS officer gets in his /her pay slip for a year.

If we add all this amount we get gross salary of an IAS officer. This is also called total salary of an IAS officer for the year but this is not the actual salary of IAS officer.

The actual salary of an IAS officer is the salary which is paid to him in his/her pay slip after mandatory deduction made by govt of india. Some of the mandatory seduction can be pension deduction (NPS)etc. the salary of an IAS officer does not vary in states but it varies a lot in foreign posting like IMF , WHO,UN where you get very high allowances along with the salary.

10-Salary And Benefits Of An Ias Officer-

There are a lot of benefits of being an IAS officer in India and some of them are discussed in this articles. Being an IAS officer in India is itself a pride of thing, There are very few service in the world which provide such a wide platform to work and touch the life of millions of people and dare to make a change.

As an IAS officer , you have the opportunity to fulfill the dream of making nation more developed . You have the legal authority to do so much welfare of the people and get reward for them . As a DM you are the head of a district within a short span of time ( approx 5 to 7 years ). No other job gives you such an opportunity in India.

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Once you become senior you get into policy formation and you can make a true change in the life of people , in society by forming , implementing best policies. By Joining IAS you will never regret about the opportunities but it depends on you how effectively you deliver to the public and nation.

These are some of the basic Perks and benefits of an IAS officer-

  • As an IAS officer you are the head of the district administration and you are the top executor at district level for the implementation of various policy and programme.
  • If you are the head of the district , you will have to travel a lot to supervise the work and other development related task so you are provided a car with driver .
  • Usually you are posted for anywhere between 2 to 3 years , so you can not build house everyplace that’s why you are given a bungalow to live with your family.
  • As we said you are the top executed in the district and head of the various committee , so you have to deal with different types of people in the society ( from gentleman to mafias ). So keeping in mind your security , you are provided a guard with a gun to protect you whenever you face any unfortunate situation.
  • Due to your power and responsibility , you are always come in contact with doctors , lawyers , politicians ,judges and other big dignitaries. So you have opportunity to be in a group of all these noble people .
  • The posting of IAS as DM is only for 2 to 3 years and rest of life you have to serve in policy formation or other important department of government of India .
  • Most of the time people look only these 2, 3 years life of an IAS officer and get inspired but rest of service which is much bigger than this 2, 3 years unknown . So before choosing IAS as career , you should also look about other part of an IAS service where he/she has to spend time in policy formation which does not look such a colourful life as DM.
  • The job security is very high comparing to other services , you are only removed when you do something extremely grave otherwise you can not be removed easily.
  • The retirement life of an IAS officer is also useful because you get after retirement job in Big private companies in top post and chance to become head of the committee in government.
  • You also get pension and other retirement benefits which is not available in most of the government jobs now. so this is also one added advantages for an IAS officer.


11-Sample IAS Officer Salary Details-

There are people who wants to know the salary structure or sample salary slip of an IAS officer to get complete idea about the pay and allowances given to them. This structure is also helpful in getting the basic idea of financial earning of IAS officer.

There is nothing special about the sample ias officer salary but many people want to know the components which are included in ias salary slip.

IAS sample salary slip consists of the basic pay which is around Rs-56100 for the starting or you can say for the SDM,ASP rank officer , DA which is revised twice in a year so you can expect DA to increase your salary to some extent.

The next is TA which transport allowance which is based on the classification of the city ( Highest for class Y city and lowest for Class Z city ) as per latest pay commission.

The next is HRA house rent allowances which is also based on the classification of the city just like above so you can get 24% for class X city which highest and lowest for Class Z city.

The HRA  is calculated based on the basic pay of the IAS officer so it also increase once your service and rank increases. There are some other small credits which all comprises and form the total salary of an IAS officer.

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12-IAS Officer Salary VS Private Job Salary –

Once I was reading  a question in Quora about the salary comparison between IAS officer and private job what I found is most people start comparing IAS job , IAS salary with private job salary etc.

In one line I would say that there is no comparison between IAS and any private job in the field of working , status, respect, authority , power etc.

There can not be comparison between these two services unless you choose one common aspect of them. The overall comparison is not justified with IAS service.

Here we are talking about the ias salary comparison then you can compare in terms of monetary benefits only.

The income of an IAS officer is limited comparing to private sector which is Rs-250000 per month of the Top post of IAS officer in india ( cabinet secretary ).

the starting salary of an IAS officer is much lower than this which stand around Rs-56100 per month ( basic pay ).

You have to keep in mind one thing that if you are joining IAS for earning huge money or good salary package, then this is not the suitable job for you.

In private sector you can get Rs-50 lakh per annum offer which is not possible in IAS currently. if you are brilliant in your field , there is not limit of earning in private sector but limited in public sector like IAS, IPS etc.

If you join IAS to earn huge money , you may land face tough time in life because there is no other way to earn money in government sector legally.

If you earn money illegally, there are every chances that you can be caught any time , ED , CBI can knock your door any time.

You may not able to sleep peacefully if you have done something illegal ,scams etc. So think well before joining IAS service.

You can get opportunity to work with top politician , top business leader and unparalleled power to improve the society, people life which is not possible in private sector in such a low price.

14- Why IITians & Doctors Are Joining IAS Service ?

Is has been seen that in Top 100 IAS ranker , there are more than 10 to IITians and Doctor and everyone knows these two jobs are one of the top jobs in our country.

there is no limitation in the salary of a Brilliant doctor and IIT engineer still they are preferring IAS as a career because the Job of IAS officer provide immense opportunity to work in dynamic fields,different departments of government.

You get so much power, authority as DM that you can not expect as an engineer or doctor in private sector. IAS offer full-time job security ,no one can remove you from service unless you commit crime.

The respect of an IAS officer is on the top in our country, so wherever you go people are ready to welcome you , meet you.

As an administrative officer or head of the administration in a district ( DM ) you are the first person to talk about the district and its functioning.

As a DM you are the head of more than 100 committee, department and you have unlimited power to maintain the district under peaceful condition.

Promotion is based on seniority, age of service so you need not to worry about the career growth in IAS service.

These are few reasons why doctor’s, Engineers are prefer IAS as their main choice of service in life.

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