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By | December 27, 2017

What is an IPS officer?

What is the full form of the IPS? , IPS Officer Qualification ?-There are thousands of query in internet about what is an IPS officer ? So i decided to explain you everything about IPS officer , IPS officer eligibility , age limit ,educational qualification , salary etc.  So start with what is an IPS officer- An IPS officer is an Indian police officer who are selected by union public service commission every year . IPS officer are group A officer which are appointed as DSP , SP in their first posting. An IPS officer is the Top ranker after IAS in UPSC exam. Those who what to become an IPS officer have to give their choice for IPS then they are selected for the IPS officer post. If you clear UPSC exam with top 150 to 250 rank , there are chances that you will be alloted IPS rank which is also based on your physical fitness.

What is the role of an IPS officer?

The role of an IPS officer is very important in maintaining law and order in the city, the IPS officer is appointed as a DSP in the city in initial stage of the service so he has to lead the police in city in major events after SP. SP (superintendent of police ) is the head of the police force in the city.

An IPS officer heads the team of police in investigation important cases , and direct other lower police officer to solve the criminal cases . The duty of police is to provide safety and security to the public at the same time they have to do many more task . An IPS officer leads the team in most of the cases where the matter is of serious nature or urgent nature. You might have seen IPS officer in maintaining law and order when such requirement is needed. The work profile of an IPS officer is very inspiring specially to young people who want serve the nation in police uniform that’s why most of the people make IPS officer their idea in life.

What is the IPS exam?

UPSC conducts exam for various group A services and IPS are also selected from this exam which popularly know as UPSC CSE exam. UPSC exam is conducted in three stages Prelims , mains and interview once in a year. If you want become an IPS officer , you have to crack this exam with top rank. IPS posts are just after IAS rank so the competition is very and you have to work hard to get this post.

There are lakhs of aspirants who want become an IPS officer , if you want to become an IPS officer , you need right approach towards UPSC exam. Right approach means Right guidance , right books to read, dedicated time-table and passion for this service. You can follow this blog for more useful article about UPSC exam.

For more information about the exam , time-table , notification date and other related information , you can visit UPSC official website . For UPSC IPS exam registration , you can visit its registration platform.

How can I become an IPS officer ?

If you want one who dream to become an IPS officer , read this article till the end where i have discussed everything which is required to become an IPS officer. UPSC conducts exam once in a year in three stages which are known as prelims , mains and interview. You have to apply for this exam which notification are issued in the month of february to march. After that you will have to clear prelims exam which has 2 papers . Once you clear prelims , you are called for mains exam and then interview. The total marks obtained in mains and interview are counted for final ranking. Meanwhile you have to give your choice for IPS while filling the form. This is how UPSC select IPS officer.

What is the age limit for IPS officer ?

The minimum age limit for IPS officer is 21 years but the upper age limit for IPS officer is different as per category wise. If you are a general category aspirants , your maximum age limit will be 32 year as on date. Further relaxation is given for other category aspirants. Read this article How to become an IPS officer for complete IPS exam qualification details.

What is the educational qualification for IPS officer ?

The educational qualification for an IPS officer is graduation degree from any recognized university or equivalent degree.  Graduation degree from distance education is also eligible for IPS exam but make sure that the university is recognized from UGC , DEC. Those who has 3 year diploma are not eligible for this exam.

Some other important qualification details are given below

  • Physical Fitness for IPS officer
  • Medical fitness Test.

What is the syllabus for IPS officer exam?

IPS exam syllabus is very descriptive , UPSC asks questions from various subjects and current affairs. there is saying that UPSC asks questions all the topics under the sun, so you can estimate the syllabus area of UPSC exam. UPSC syllabus is also defined in some extent and most of the questions are asked from them only. It is alwsys better to download the complete UPSC Syllabus and have hard copy of it. UPSC syllabus can be downloaded from here- Click to download.

What are the subject for IPS exam ?

As we know UPSC ask questions from various subjects which include history, geography, polity, science, economy, art &culture, ecology, technology etc. You will have to read various subjects for IPS exam but there is one optional subject in the mains exam. Here you have choice of optional subject which is of two paper and 500 marks. Read this article for how to choose optional for UPSC exam.

In prelims exam UPSC asks objective question only where in mains exam questions are of descriptive nature. In prelims paper one , you are asked questions from indian polity, history, geography, economy, current affairs and environment etc. In paper 2 which know as CSAT , questions are asked form english language, reasoning, maths and other relative subject. Paper 2 is just qualifying nature so you have to score only 33.33% marks in that to clear prelims. Paper 1 in prelims is deciding for prelims exam , your selection for mains exam will be based on prelims paper 1 marks cut-off only.

Best books For IPS Exam ?

Books are the foundation of IPS exam preparation , if you ignore this section , chances are high that you will not able to clear this exam. UPSC books cover more than 90% of UPSC exam syllabus and rest 10% can be done online. The first step in IPS preparation is to select right kind of books in right number. It is strongly recommended that buy only those books which cover IPS UPSC syllabus only. There is no use of reading those books which cost benefit is very less or negligible, it is just waste of time .

After reading hundreds of article on Books and suggestions of UPSC topper every year , we made a list of best books for IPS UPSC exam. These books are read and recommended by IAS topper every year so you can go for these books.Here is the complete list of Best books for IPS exam prelims and mains . Click here to buy online.

Best Books for IPS Prelims exam-Click to buy online.

  1.  Indian polity– by M laxmikanth ( Latest edition ) 
  2.  Introduction of constitution of India- by D D Bas
  3. Indian History–Mac graw hill publication
  4. Indian History by Krishna Reddy- A Product Of Mac Graw Hill Publication.
  5. History of modern Indian – Bipin Chandra 
  6. India Since Independence –Book Online at Low Prices in India
  7. A Brief History Of Modern India –spectrum publication.
  8. India’s Struggle for Independence -Book Online at Low Prices in India
  9. Indian Economy Book –Ramesh singh
  10. Indian Economy by Sanjeev Verma.
  11. Certificate Physical and Human geography By D C Leong
  12. Geography of Indian By Majid Hussain ( Mac Graw Hill Publication )
  13. Indian Art and Culture by –Nitin Shinghania 
  14. Indian art and culture by alok Jha.
  15. Environmental book Shankar ias book ( Highly recommended )
  16. Environment Solved questions -Shankar IAS ( Highly recommended )
  17. World map or atles – Orient Blackswan School Atlas Book Online at Low Prices in India.
  18. Science & technology TMH Publication

Best books for IPS Mains exam- (Click to buy online)

  1. Essay For Mains –S C Gupta
  2. Indian art and culture by alok Jha.
  3. Indian History by Krishna Reddy- A Product Of Mac Graw Hill Publication.
  4. India Since Independence –Book Online at Low Prices in India
  5. India’s Struggle for Independence Book Online at Low Prices in India
  6. Mastering Modern World History (Palgrave Master Series) by Norman Now
  7. Indian and World geography -D R Khullar ( Prelims Paper 1 )
  8. Geography of Indian By Majid Hussain ( Mac Graw Hill Publication ) 
  9. Introduction of constitution of India by D D Bas
  10. Governance Constitution, Polity Social Justice & International Relations – Paper 2- Arihant Expert
  11. IAS Mains General Studies Paper – 2: 
  12. Governance Constitution, Polity Social Justice & International Relations (New Edition)-Arihant Expert
  13. IAS Mains General Studies Paper 3 
  14. Internal Security and Disaster Management: GS Paper 3 -Ashok kumar
  15. Environment and Ecology: Biodiversity, Climate Change and Disaster
  16. Environmental book Shankar ias book ( Highly recommended )
  17. Environment Solved questions -Shankar IAS ( Highly recommended )
  18. Ethics, Integrity and aptitude M Karthikeyan
  19. Lexicon For Ethics ,Integrity and Aptitude (civil service chronicle)
  20. IAS Mains General Studies Paper- 4 ETHICS INTEGRITY & APTITUDE 

How do I prepare for IPS at home?

IPS exam preparation can be done completely from home. There was a time when people did not have access to good books, right guidance, mentor , and other useful information but time has completely changed now. You need not to go delhi , Bangalore to join any coaching classes , everything can be accessed from home . You just need internet connection and a laptop / smart phone which can be available in most part of India. Read how to clear UPSC IPS exam without coaching.

You can follow this blog for UPSC related guide ,article and useful information, we have our youtbe channel , you can  subscribe it from here. You can read article how to clear UPSC exam from villagee to know the ways and techniques for UPSC preparation from remote / village area.

What is the salary of an IPS officer ?

The salary of an IPS officer is the same as other group A officer which comes in pay matrix level 10 as per 7th pay commission. The starting salary of an IPS officer start from 56100 per month. This is the basic salary and other monetary benefits like DA, TA, HRA are excluded from Rs 56100. The salary estimate are variable and chnged from time to time and on secific location posting. There are other facilities which are given to IPS officer which makes this service more attractive .

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