1-IAS Salary-

IAS Full Form– Indian Administrative Service is one of the most prestigious Government service in India. There are many aspirants who want to know the salary of an ias officer and other facilities given to her/him so I tried to put here all the points related to IAS salary which may help you in deciding your career. In this article we will know the following points about IAS salary.

  • What is IAS Salary.
  • What is IAS salary per month?
  • IAS Salary after 7th pay commission.
  • IAS salary in hand.
  • IAS officer salary during training period.
  • IAS salary and other facilities.

Once you clear UPSC exam with top rank and get IAS post , then you go to training center which located in mussoorie Uttarakhand.  Your salary starts once you start your initial training in Uttarakhand.

The Starting salary of an IAS officer as per 7th pay commission is around Rs-80,000.00 per month which is inclusive of DA, TA, HRA and other local allowances.

The basic salary of an IAS officer is around Rs-56100 as per 7th pay commission and pay matrix. IAS salary comes in pay level 10 as per 7the pay commission pay matrix.

Now the salary of all the government servants are based on the pay matrix which starts from pay level 1 to pay level 18 which is the maximum salary of an IAS officer Rs-250000.00 per month

DA– Full form of DA is dearness allowance which is based on the current inflation level at the market and decided by government of India twice in a year.

Before 7th pay commission it was around 127% but in 7the pay commission it was merged in basic pay and current DA stands at 5% of the basic pay for all the government servants.

TA- Full form of TA is transport allowance which is provided to every government servant. IAS officer may not be provided it because they get government transport facility.

HRA- House Rent Allowance is the amount of money given to every government servant for accommodation facilities. It vary place to place based on the class of city. the current rate for HRA are 24% for class Z city, 16% for class Y city etc.

If we add all of these into a complete ias salary it goes up to Rs-80000 to Rs-90000 per month.

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2-IAS Salary During Training-

The training period is the first stage of earning in IAS officer life when they get some amount of the salary to meet their daily expenses. Though the total monthly salary of an IAS officer is Rs-80,000 per month but in training period they do not get all of this amount per month.

In IAS training period , most of the expenses are met by training academy and you are charged very normal amount for regular expenses.

So the money required during IAS training is limited still they get some amount per month to full fill their financial needs.

The total IAS salary stands around Rs-80,000 per month but in training period it lowered to Rs-30,000 to Rs-40000 per month after deductions.

There are some mandatory deductions which can not be avoided but refunded later once you get complete your training course.It depends on you how much you spend daily otherwise this amount is enough for training period.

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3-IAS Salary After 7the Pay Commission-

There was a time when IAS officer basic pay used to be around Rs-15900 per months before 7the pay commission and the total salary was around Rs-60,000 per month.

After 7the pay commission IAS salary is increased from Rs-60000 to Rs-80,000 where basic pay level is increased from Rs-15900 to Rs-56100 per month.

The IAS salary structure after 7th pay commission looks like this-

 Now you can estimate the IAS salary on various stages of career. The annual increase in IAS salary is around 3%. It also increase on promotion 3% +3% =6% of the basic payment.

4-IAS Salary Per Month-

IAS salary stands around Rs-80,000 to Rs-90000 per month salary but it can be increased from this due to your posting location.

There are some posting where IAS salary can increase due to the local allowances given to them. So these chances are very few when IAS salary increase.

If an IAS officer get posting in foreign countries and international organization like-WHO,WTO,UNO,IMF etc their salary increase to new level.

In general if the salary of an IAS officer per month does not exceed from the level mentioned in the table. ( We do not include illegal means of earning).

6-IAS Salary And Other Facilities-

IAS salary and other facilities are also their for an IAS officer. Once you complete your training period and posted to somewhere as SDM, you get lots of facilities along with full monthly payment.

The facilities are like a car with government driver, house to live, FREE telephone for official purpose, cook etc.

All these facilities are charged at very low amount to them which are near zero so you can call these services FREE to them.

There are many more things other than IAS salary which may excite you in this service to join so prepare well for this exam and clear it .Good Luck.

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