IAS Salary During Training Period- (Rs-56100.00 To Rs-Rs-80,000)

1-IAS Salary During Training Period-

salary of ias during training period

salary of ias during training period

There are lots of questions about the ias salary during training period and none of the answer providing complete picture of the ias salary during training period. In this article I will try to put some facts about Ias salary during training period in details which can help you to get some basic idea of it.

2-IAS Salary-

Once you clear UPSC CSE exam with top rank and get IAS rank, your next step is to join IAS basic training which is held in mussoorie Uttarakhand. This is the first stage of training which is very basic in nature and every trainee has to complete their stage of training in mussoorie Uttarakhand.

Once you complete this phase of training , you are routed to different places for further training based on your rank in UPSC CSE.

As an IAS training your salary get started when you join training in mussoorie, which is Rs-65100 basic pay according to 7 the pay commission.

As per 7the pay commission , the salary of an ias officer has increased from Rs-15600 basic pay to Rs-56100 exclusive of DA, transport allowance, HRA and other benefits.

if you add all the benefits given to an IAS officer , the salary of an ias

After 7 the pay commission the salary of IAS officer is based on the pay matrix and pay level, the salary of an ias officer comes in the pay level 10 .

If you look to the pay matrix of 7the pay commission, you can estimate the total salary of all the government servants,

There are some deductions happen in ias training period like mess bill so the actual salary of an ias officer in hand is RS-30,000 to Rs-35000 per month.

This amount is not sufficient to meet the need of an IAS during training period , as most of the amount is spent on cold-drinks and fast foods based on the choice of the IAS trainee.

3-IAS Salary In Hand-

IAS salary in hand is the total amount of money comes in your account per month at the end of the month after all the mandatory deductions.

After 7the pay commission this amount stands around Rs-30,000 to Rs-35000 per month. So if you need more money to spend during period , you have to arrange it from somewhere ( family ,friends etc.)

4-IAS Salary After 7the Pay Commission-

The salary of an IAS officer increased considerably from the level of 6th pay commission. Before 7the pay commission , the starting salary of an ias officer was Rs-60000 per month which is now increased to Rs-80,000 per month.

This is the starting salary of an ias officer on first posting as SDM/ASP, once you become senior in service and you get promoted to higher rank, your salary jumps to new high level.

The promotion in IAS are based on the number of service, so you need not to worry about the promotion and benefits.

Once you get promoted to higher rank, your other benefits also increase and it goes up to cabinet secretary which is the highest post of an IAS officer in government of India.

The salary of cabinet secretary is fixed to Rs-250000 per month as per 7the pay commission.

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