Due to popularity of Smartphones, the way of exam preparation has also changed. In UPSC exam preparation, books are not enough to prepare it well, you need something extra to cover entire upsc syllabus and IAS preparation apps will make it easy for you.

ias preparation apps

ias preparation apps

IAS Preparation apps are very useful tool in this process. Subjects like current affairs, daily news and International issues can be prepared well with these apps. Almost every UPSC exam preparation websites has their own apps where they publish daily updates on various topics.

These ias preparation apps can help you in IAS exam preparation in following ways-

  • The study material in IAS preparation apps is well organised which helps ias students to read more in less time.
  • You need not to buy Newspapers and carry with you all-over, Just go to play store and download app and read complete newspaper.
  • Almost every topics are covered in these apps so , you can cover most part of IAS preparation through these apps.
  • You can install them in your smartphone in just one click and access all the information any time anywhere FREE.

Here are some of the best ias preparation apps which are useful in ias exam preparation. These apps cover subjects like current affairs, international issues, history, science, technology, geography and many more.

1-UPSC Previous Years Question Papers-

If you do not have much time to search thing in google, this app is made for you. Upsc previous years question papers app not only cover previous question papers but also it has added more topics . Some of the topics are Newspapers, Current affairs , books, NCERT books, NIOS study material, Useful videos etc. This app will save lot of your time and help in your preparation.



Download Now.

2-Unacademy App-Unacademy is becoming very popular website and app due to its high quality video content for various examination including IAS exam. This website provides very useful video lession on various subject which are very useful in ias exam preparation.



Unacademy is a FREE platform where you can get videos free of cost but they have some Paid cources too where they provides more powerful video lession to help IAS students to make their dream come true. You can download Unacademy ias preparation app from here-Download Now

3-VisionIAS App- VisionIAS is one of the leading website in ias exam preparation which cover current affairs , infographic , test series for prelims and mains exam. Test series is most liked product of visionias website. You can download its ias preparation app from here-Download Now

4-Mrunal.Org-Mrunal is a very popular website and IAS preparation app where you can get very useful articles about ias exam preparation and economic subject. This website and app has very good material for economic subject. Mrunal has a YouTube channel where economic concepts are explained in very simple language.


This ias preparation app can be download from here-Download Now

5-IASbaba App-

IASbaba is also very useful website and app where you can get daily current affairs, monthly current affairs for prelims and mains exam. You will get complete IAS preparation guide and study material including test series .



The IAS preparation app of this website is also useful and worth install as most of the content can be accessed directly from the app without browsing complete ias baba website.

You can download IASBABA app from this link-Download Now

6-ClearIAS App-Clearias website and app is helping ias aspirants in multiple ways by providing regular updates about IAS exam, ias exam preparation tips. This websites also cover wide area of topics from current affairs to general studies. This website and app also provides good quality test series for prelims and mains exam which can help you in increasing your score in the exam.



You can download its IAS preparation app from here-Click To download

7-Insightsonindia- Insightsonindia is one of the leading websites and application which helps ias students to prepare ias exam. This website cover daily current affairs, daily quiz , monthly current , IAS Toppers interviews and much more. This website also provides test series for prelims and mains exam.




Click to install Insightsonindia App- Download Now

8-PIB-PIB News Reader app provides easy and fast access to PIB news, Daily PIB Summary, All India Radio, DD NEWS and Rajya Sabha TV News all in a single app. PIB Reader also provides an option to read articles offline, check word meanings and listen to articles.

This application cover various types of topics which includes government policies, government agreement with other countries.



You can install PIB application from here-Download Now

9-Constitution Of India-This application is very important application for various competitive exam including UPSC. This application cover complete constitutional information. It includes all the articles, parts, sections with latest updates. In UPSC exam, they ask question based on constitutional articles directly so this app can help you in memorizing all the articles in very short time.

Indian constitution

Indian constitution

You can install Indian Constitution app from Here- Download Now


Gktoday is one of the leading websites and application for daily current affairs. This websites helpful in preparing current affairs for various exams including ias exam. You can install this application to read daily current affairs for ias exam.

This application cover daily current affairs from various topics which can be prepared easily with help of this application.



Download Gktoday Application- Download Now


Wikipedia is very popular website and application which cover almost everything on this planet. You can search anything on Wikipedia and get quick answer for it. Wikipedia is can be helpful in finding keywords meaning in details and topics like Environment,International relations between countries.




Wikipedia app can be easily installed in your smartphone from here-Download Now.

12- Evernote-

This is amazing app which can store date , articles, bookmarks, notes for later revision. You just need to install it from google play store and start using it. Evernote is very helpful when you need to save something urgent and you do not have pen and paper.

This application can help you in organizing  notes, topics in systematic way so that you can get all the data when in need. This app is worth download for ias exam preparation.

Download Evernote Apps from here- Download Now

The above mentioned ias preparation apps are very useful for ias exam preparation. These apps are free to use and can be utilized for various exam preparations. IAS preparation apps can be handy when you are traveling , you just need to open your apps and start reading.

With the help of notes making app, you can save important topics and articles for further reading so that you do not miss anything due to smartphone.

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