IAS Preparation Apps: List Of Best 70+ IAS Apps & Websites (2019-20 )

By | February 6, 2019

Here is the list of 50 IAS Preparation Apps & website which will help you in IAS exam preparation. Some years back people used to prepare IAS exam with the help of books only.

As a result they have to roam here & there in of search study material , Important books, Magazines etc which cost them lot of money and time.

Now the picture has changed, technology has made things easy for us, now we don’t need to go market to buy books, we can order them from home itself, we can study complete upsc syllabus in our computer,laptop, tablet even without touching a single book.

ias preparation apps
ias preparation apps

This is the power of technology which made it possible to prepare ias exam with the help of IAS preparation apps and websites.

Today I have made a comprehensive list of 50 IAS preparation Apps & websites which are very useful in preparing most of UPSC syllabus like current affairs, geography, Indian polity , economy, science & technology etc.

Why One Should Focus On IAS Preparation Apps & Website ?

When we talk about IAS preparation apps & website , the very first question comes in our mind that why we should use ias preparation apps & website for the exam. What are the benefits and how we can boost our ias exam preparation with the help of technology-

  • Now a days books cover around 75% of upsc exam syllabus, so it is difficult to cover entire syllabus just by reading books.
  • UPSC is asking more and more question from current affairs related topics.
  • Subject like current affairs , International events has to be covered on daily basis. So you need a computer or smartphone to do cover all this
  • The best part is , most people carry smartphone so they can study anywhere when they get some time.

Now without any delay let’s jump into the list of 50 IAS Preparation Apps & Website for IAS exam Preparation. You can also download these apps directly from here.

List Of IAS Preparation Apps-

UPSC Question PapersMurnal
UpscKey.In Byju’s App forumias.com Visionias
Civilsdaily- Drishti App- OnlineTyari App-  iasaspirants.com

ClearIAS.Com IASexamportal.com
prsindia.org vikaspedia.in 
egyankosh.ac.in AFEIAS-
cleariasexam.com iasbaba.com iasscore.in ias100.in
gktoday.in upscforums.com

iassolution.com ias.org.in
testfunda.com forumias.com
prepareias.in indianofficer.com PocketNewsonair

Other Useful Websites & App-

Here is the list of some most useful websites other than IAS coaching. Some of these websites are run by government of India and its different departments.

You need authentic data to put in the exam to make your answer more attractive and informative, these govt websites will help you in doing this.

The detailed information about these websites is given below.




Yojna Magazine-

Economic and Political Weekly








Pratiyogita Darpan English –

The Hindu

Indian Express

PIB App & Website-









List Of 70 Best IAS Preparation Apps & Website-

1-The Hindu App

  • The Hindu is a English Newspaper app which is freely available at android play store. This app covers most of the content which is asked in ias exam. Current affairs, international events, society issue, government schemes, science & technology etc.
  • Newspaper cover literally everything which can be asked in the ias exam.Some ias toppers say that Newspaper can help you to cover more than 50% of your upsc ias syllabus.
  • So make a habit of Newspaper reading at least for 1.5 or 2 hours. It is always beneficial to install The Hindu app and start reading it your smartphone or tablet than buying daily a hard copy and spend money on it.

Download link is here- The Hindu

2-The Indian Express App

  • The Indian Express is another important english newspaper which is very useful App for ias exam preparation. This newspaper cover almost all the things which i have mentioned above ( The Hindu).
  • But the english language of Indian Express is easy comparing to other newspaper, if you find it difficult in reading & understanding english newspaper/ you can go for this newspaper.
  • Though we do not recommend two newspaper at one time for ias exam preparation so you can read one newspaper at a time. One newspaper is enough to is exam.
  • No need to read multiple newspaper, it will only waste your valuable time. so you can install The Hindu Or Indian Express in your smartphone. The download link is available here-

Download Indian Express Newspaper- Download

3-UPSC Question Papers App-

  • UPSC question papers app contains previous years question papers in pdf format. You can read them in your google drive and save it for later revision.
  • UPSC question paper app has newspaper the Hindu & Indian Express. It has some other option like NIOS Study material Download option.
  • You can also download NCERT PDF from this app free. You just need to install it in your smartphone and start using it.

Download link for UPSC question paper app- Download

4-Constitution of India App-

  • Constitution of India is one of my most used app in smartphone. This app is amazing for upsc aspirants because it over all the article, schedules, part under constitution of India.
  • This app is very helpful to cover Polity subject. If you have studies constitution of India, you will easily solve almost all the polity questions in IAS Prelims & Mains.
  • The Developer of this app has made everything very systematic & simple for you so that you can learn thing quickly.
  • This app is must for UPSC exam , so get this app for free from google play store. Here is the link for this app-

Download Constitution of India App- Download

5-Insightsonindia Apps-

  • InsightsonIndia is one of the leading ias preparation website. Its daily current affairs section is most loved by civil service aspirants. They provide detailed current affairs on burning issue on 5- topics.
  • These topics helps aspirants in improving current affairs section apart from newspaper, magazines. You can also make notes out of it or bookmark it for later revision.
  • This websites has its android app which is also popular among aspirants, you can get it free from google play store.
  • This website prove Test Series for IAS exam, you can also try it if needed.
  • Its Answer writing practice helps student to improve writing skills and write better answer in the examination.
  • This website also offer offline course for those who can not join online courses. You can have a look on these courses if required.

Download Insightsonindia App Here- Download.

6-Byju’s App-


  • Byju’s is leading in online education in India, it is one of the best online tool for student from K level to competitive exams.
  • This website is also useful for IAS exam preparation , it has one specific section dedicated for civil serice.
  • Byjus is also providing Test series which are very helpful in IAS exam preparation.
  • Byjus has complete online learning course which can be purchased directly here-Buy Now
  • Byjus also provides other useful study material which can be directly accessed from its android app & websites.

Download Byju’s App- Download

7-NCERT App-

Importance of NCERT books is well known by everyone is IAS exam. Most student read ncert books from class 6th to 12th which is the best way of improving your basics.

  • In IAS prelims, 20-30% questions directly come from NCERT books, reading ncert is must in ias exam preparation.
  • In this process NCERT app will help you in getting all the required stuff for your prepaation.
  • This app contains all the NCERT books from class 1 to 12th in PDF format. You can read there in the app or download for later revision.
  • You don’t need to buy books from class 6th to 12th from market and spend money.

Download Link for NCERT APP-Download




  • Epathshala is another useful ias preparation app which is useful for ias exam preparation.
  • You can download NCERT books directly from this website. This websites also offers various educational programme which can handy for you.
  • This website has option to download ncert books in pdf format from 1st to 12th class.
  • You can download books in hindi as well as english language.

9-Unacademy App-

Unacademy is one of the best app ever made for all types of competitive exam. This app includes exams -UPSC, IAS , SSC, CDS,NDA and many more.This app has high quality videos lesion made by best educaters from across the nation.

  • You can get all the video lesion in your laptop or smartphone with help of this app.
  • You just need to install it from google play store if you are android user.
  • All the videos lesion are free of cost and you can access all of them without paying a single rupee.
  • Unacademy has one paid version which is called Unacademy plus, where most of the video lesion are paid. you can get all of them by paying some money.
  • It is expected that the plus has better content quality and focus on the syllabus of the exam.
  • You can also visit their website which is offering same thing in web version.
  • Here is the link for website and Android App.

10-PIB App & Website-

PIB full form- Press Information Bureau which is a government agency . This is one of the best source of daily happening in the government departments and decision taken by government , policies by government and lot more.

This website talk about the government works, PM visits , government official visits and almost everything associated to central government.

  • This website helps in finding latest visits of PM and coverage of activities during that visit.
  • You can get information about the latest decision taken by government for various sectors.
  • New policy analysis.
  • If you left anything reading after newspaper,magazine and other current affairs websites, you can check-out here and will find something extra useful for the exam.
  • So I will suggest visiting this website once a day to cover your daily current affairs for the exam.

You can get website link and Android App link here.

11-Murnal App & Websites

Mrunal App & Websites is helping thousands of students daily. They have one amazing website Address: www.mrunal.org. and android app which can be easily available at android play store. Let us see how you can be benefited with this website & app !

  • Mrunal website provides useful information about Economy, & geography subjects in more detail.
  • If you want improve your economic concepts, you can check-out this website.
  • Mrunal has a YouTube channel where he make videos on various subjects which are very helpful. Videos are detailed so you can clear your concepts there too.
  • Mrunal website & app also update information about various exam including UPSC CSE, so you get complete details about other exams at the same time.

Here is the link for Mrunal Website & App.

12-VisionIAS App-

VisionIAS app & website is one of the leading website in the field of UPSC CSE exam preparation. Visionias website has very popular test series programme for CSE students. Let us see how you can get benefits of this website & app.

  • VisionIAS website provide daily current affairs which is useful in prelims as well as mains exam.
  • It has very popular Test series programme which is tested by many ias topper in past years.
  • This website provide very attractive & informative info-graphics which helps students to understand concepts more comfortably.
  • You can also view the IAS Toppers answer booklet to get an idea how they actually performed in the test series at visionIAS.
  • This website has many other useful resources which can be handy in ias exam preparation.

Here is the link for VisionIAS website & APP.


Civilsdaily is also very useful website for upsc exam preparation which provides you wide are of content in android app as well as in their website. This website also covers current affairs, national and international events which are important for ias exam point.

You can visit this website once a day to check out the important stuff for upsc exam .

You can also download its android app from play store directly from this link- Download now.

14-Drishti App-

Drishti ias is one of the leading website and coaching center for civil services exam in hindi medium. You can simply say one of the best coaching center for hindi medium aspirants.

Very large number of hindi medium students join this coaching center and clear ias exam every year.

Drishti ias has android app which can be easily downloaded from here. This website provides almost everything which a aspirants need during ias exam preparation.

Daily current affairs , video classes ( In YouTube channel) , test series are one of the best content available in their website.


This is amazing app which can store date , articles, bookmarks, notes for later revision. You just need to install it from google play store and start using it. Evernote is very helpful when you need to save something urgent and you do not have pen and paper.

This application can help you in organizing  notes, topics in systematic way so that you can get all the data when in need. This app is worth download for ias exam preparation.

Download Evernote Apps from here- Download Now

The above mentioned ias preparation apps are very useful for ias exam preparation. These apps are free to use and can be utilized for various exam preparations. IAS preparation apps can be handy when you are traveling , you just need to open your apps and start reading.

With the help of notes making app, you can save important topics and articles for further reading so that you do not miss anything due to smartphone.


Wikipedia is very popular website and application which cover almost everything on this planet. You can search anything on Wikipedia and get quick answer for it. Wikipedia is can be helpful in finding keywords meaning in details and topics like Environment,International relations between countries.


Wikipedia app can be easily installed in your smartphone from here-Download Now.


Gktoday is one of the leading websites and application for daily current affairs. This websites helpful in preparing current affairs for various exams including ias exam. You can install this application to read daily current affairs for ias exam.

This application cover daily current affairs from various topics which can be prepared easily with help of this application.


Download Gktoday Application- Download Now

18-ClearIAS App-

Clearias website and app is helping ias aspirants in multiple ways by providing regular updates about IAS exam, ias exam preparation tips. This websites also cover wide area of topics from current affairs to general studies. This website and app also provides good quality test series for prelims and mains exam which can help you in increasing your score in the exam.


You can download its IAS preparation app from here-Click To download

19-IASbaba App-

IASbaba is also very useful website and app where you can get daily current affairs, monthly current affairs for prelims and mains exam. You will get complete IAS preparation guide and study material including test series .


The IAS preparation app of this website is also useful and worth install as most of the content can be accessed directly from the app without browsing complete ias baba website.

You can download IASBABA app from this link-Download Now

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