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ias preparation

IAS Exam : Full Form Of IAS Exam, IPS Exam Etc.

1-IAS Exam Full Form-

The full form of IAS is Indian Administrative Service before  it was known as Indian civil service (ICS). IAS exam is one of the most reputed & competitive exam in India which is conducted by Union Public Service Commission every year in the month of June to December.

There are more than 1500000 aspirants apply for ias exam where 600000 aspirants actually write the ias prelims exam.

Due to very high level of competition and difficulty , ias exam said to be the most difficult competition exam in India.

There are brilliant mind who fight for IAS Rank from top engineering colleges, IIMS ,IITians, Doctors so very high level of preparation is required in this exam.

But if you want to become an IAS officer, you have to crack IAS exam by doing focused IAS exam preparation in right direction.

The best part of IAS exam is everyone can crack this exam regardless, the educational background, family background, area which you belong etc nothing can stop you.

You too can clear IAS exam in your first attempt if it prepared with right approach. So read this article till end and get complete idea about IAS exam and how to prepare it.

2-Work Of An IAS Officer-

IAS is the group A service of government of India which pay level is 10 based on the 7the pay commission matrix. Once you clear IAS exam you will get your first posting as SDM in district and later you become District Magistrate .

The promotions are based on the seniority so you can become up to cabinet secretary which is the highest post for the IAS in the government.

  • The work of an IAS officer is very dynamic in nature , an IAS officer can be the head of any department which comes under government of India.
  • The mains task of an IAS officer is revenue collection but there are some other allied task that has to be performed by an IAS officer.
  • If you start from SDM which is the head in tehsil and DM is the head of district . In district , an IAS is the head of more than 100 committee, departments. So you have enormous responsibility as well as power for the development & smooth functioning of the district.
  • As an IAS officer , your work area increase once you get promoted to higher ranks. After DM you get chance to work in policy formation which is the theme work of an IAS officer.
  • You as an IAS officer can design government policy for the public of our country which has the power to change the life of people.
  • So you have huge responsibility as an IAS officer to work for the betterment of the people , society and nation as whole.
  • If you get chance of foreign posting where you represent our country, you design policy which are in our country interest and help us in all round development.
  • There are many more work which can not be explained in a single paper so you can say that the work area of an IAS officer is unlimited.

3-IAS Exam Pattern-

IAS exam is divided into 3 stages which are known as Prelims , Mains and Interview. The first stage prelims which comprises into 2 papers and mains exam has total 9 paper. Once you clear all the papers , you are asked for interview based on merit list.

IAS Prelims Exam Pattern-

CategoryUPSC Age LimtNo. of AttemptQualification
Genaral32 years06Degree From University.
SC/ST32+5 years No limit.Degree From University.
OBC32+3 years06+3 =9Degree From University.
ex-service man with 5 years minimum service.G-37,OBC-40,SC/ST-42.Based on Category (mentioned above)Degree From University.
Handicaps, Blind etc.32+10 YearsGen & OBC ( 9 attempts )Degree From University.
j&K resident.G-37, OBC-40.ST/SC-42, PH-50 yearsTill the age limit.Degree From University.
Dis-abled service man.G-37,ST/SC-40. OBC-38 years,Based on the category ( mentioned above )Degree From University.

IAS Mains Exam Pattern-

Prelims PaperQuestionsMarksTimeRemarks
Prelims Paper -011002003 hoursCounted for Merit
Prelims Paper-02 ( CSAT)802003 hoursJust Qaulifying

IAS Interview-

IAS interview comprises of 275 marks which is based on the final merit of aspirants from the mains exam papers. Those who will score high in mains exam will be called for interview and final selection will be based on the number of vacancy and total marks of the mains and interview.

UPSC Exam Pattern, IAS Exam Pattern || 2019-20

4-IAS Exam Syllabus-

Knowing IAS exam syllabus is the first step towards IAS exam preparation, so you must know the complete IAS exam syllabus before you start IAS exam preparation.

It has been found that so many aspirants fail in ias exam just because that they do not read books based on IAS syllabus, they never focus on the topics ,content of ias syllabus and loose so many marks in the exam.

You can not dream strong ias preparation without complete knowledge of IAS syllabus. If you prepare without knowing IAS syllabus, you read many things which are not mentioned in IAS syllabus and waste your valuable time.

So it strongly recommended to know the IAS syllabus, read it several times and download it or get a hard copy of it.

You should be in position to memorize almost all the topics of IAS syllabus for strong IAS preparation.

IAS exam syllabus is well-defined by UPSC which is also release just before the IAS exam in its notification. Though the IAS syllabus is wide but you can download it in PDF for your revision.

UPSC Prelims Syllabus For IAS Exam Preparation 2018-2019.

UK PCS Exam Eligibility, Exam Details, PCS Syllabus And Books.

UPSC Syllabus For IAS Exam !! Download UPSC Syllabus In PDF.

Download NCERT Books Free !! 6th to12th Classes.

UPSC Syllabus-Download Complete UPSC Syllabus For Prelims & Mains-I

5-IAS Exam Prelims Syllabus-

Prelims is the first step or gateway of IAS exam which is well-defined and most of the question come from ias syllabus itself.

Prelims paper -01 marks are counted for prelims merit list or cut-off and prelims paper-02 CSAT is just for qualifying in nature where minimum 33% marks are needed to clear it.

Note- You will only qualify for IAS mains if you score well above from prelims cut-off and score minimum qualifying marks in prelims paper-02 CSAT.

If you see the previous year prelims paper , you will find that most question are based on the ias syllabus content mentioned in its official ias syllabus.

So you can prepare IAS exam based on the syllabus it has defined in its notification.

If you prepare all the content in IAS syllabus, you are covering most part of the prelims paper and your success chance  increase tremendously.

IAS prelims paper-01 which a general studies types cover wide number of topics from current affairs to science & technology.

You can say that it cover almost every field , every subject so you need a holistic view in preparation. You can not skip anything which is mentioned in its syllabus. You can download UPSC Prelims Syllabus Here- Download

To cover all the content of IAS prelims paper, you need best books for ias exam which are based on IAS syllabus. Click Here To Know & Buy IAS Prelims Paper Books.

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6-IAS Exam Mains Syllabus-

IAS mains syllabus is much wider but subject specific for IAS mains and it can be found on the official website of UPSC where every topic of the syllabus or you can download it from here-Download.

IAS mains exam consists of 9 papers where 2 papers are of compulsory language and one paper of essay. 4 paper are of GS and 2 optional.

Indian Language-Indian language can be selected based on the 8th schedule of our constitution where 22 languages are mentioned. You are free to choose any language from there based on your command and comfortably .

This paper is just for qualify in nature so you need not to study so deep to score high in this paper. This paper is designed to test your basic knowledge of the language.

English Language Another language paper is English language , the importance of english language is high and increasing say by day. Most of the official work is done in english language so an IAS officer must know the basic of the english language.

This paper is also qualifying in nature so you need to know the basic of english language. The complete syllabus of english language can be downloaded from this link. Download.

Essay- Essay paper comes with several topics where you have to write 2 essay on any given topics, which is also very good option. The marks of essay are 250 which are also counted for IAS mains merit so you have to try to write best essay on the selected topic.

The syllabus of essay is also wide which can be anything so you need to prepare everything in general so that you can write something about anything.

Though the most of the topics come from history, science, social science subject so you can write good essay on these topics if you study regularly. That’s why its is recommended to read newspaper daily

The selection of essay topics should be based on your knowledge and familiarization of the topic it will help in getting good marks in essay paper.

GS (1,2,3 &4)-There are 4 papers of general studies and its syllabus is well-defined which is explained in this article read here.

Al the GS paper marks are counted for mains merit which are total of 1000 marks ( 250 each) and comprises more than 50% of ias mains syllabus marks.

So you can score high marks in GS papers to confirm your seat for interview. It is strongly recommended to read these IAS books which are based on IAS Mains Syllabus to cover all the topics of IAS GS syllabus.

Click here- To Know IAS Syllabus Books For GS Paper.

IAS Exam Optional Subject-

There is one  in IAS mains exam and you have the opportunity to choose a subject of your choice from 26 subjects listed for IAS mains exam by UPSC.

IAS optional subject has two paper which are known as Optional Paper-01 and Optional Paper-02 which are carrying 250 marks each.

Optional subject has a lot of potential to score high marks and there are people who has scored more than 70% marks in optional subjects.

You should choose optional subject based on your educational background, your interest, syllabus of optional subject ( the lesser syllabus , higher chance of revision ).

You can also optional subject based on your comfort and where you can score good marks in IAS exam.

IAS exam optional syllabus is well-defined in the notification of upsc exam so you can get an idea from their or read this article on UPSC optional subject syllabus.

7-Ias Exam Books-

Smart preparation needs right kind of study material and UPSC Books are the best study material in UPSC exam preparation. In the era of Internet online study has become a trend but it can not replace book because of some limitation.

Here is the list of best books for upsc exam in details where we have mentioned complete set of books for both the exam ( prelims and mains) so that you can easily buy these books without any confusion.

Once you read this article on upsc books , you will not search anything about upsc book anywhere. We have made a comprehensive list of best upsc exam books to cover entire upsc syllabus.

many aspirants find it difficult to get right kind of upsc preparation books so we made it easy for you so that you can save your valuable time.

8-IAS Exam Qualification/ IAS Exam Eligibility-

The IAS exam eligibility or qualification is the condition fixed by UPSC  which makes an aspirant to be eligible to appear in this exam. Like every other exam , IAS exam needs some specific eligibility to apply.

Educational Eligibility- 

  • In IAS exam the minimum educational eligibility is a degree from any recognized university or equivalent . If you have complete your graduation in any field like art, science, engineering, management etc you are eligible for IAS exam.
  • If you have complete your degree from private university, deemed university, open university etc you can apply for IAS Exam.
  • Candidates who have passed the final year of Medical Examination but are yet to complete the internship can also appear for the Main Examination.
  • They must submit a certificate from the concerned University that they have passed the final professional medical examination to the commission.


  • Candidate must be a citizen of India Candidate must be a citizen of Nepal or a subject of Bhutan Candidate must be a Tibetan Refugee who came to India before January 1, 1962, to be settled permanently in India.
  • Candidate must be a person of Indian Origin who has migrated from Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda, Vietnam, Zaire, or Zambia with an intention of permanently settling in India

IAS Exam Age Limit-

The minimum age limit for ias exam is 21 years and maximum age limit is different for different category. If you belong to general category, you can apply for ias exam till you complete 32 year of your age provided you have not exhausted your number of attempts .

If you belong to other category then you have more chance to appear for ias exam which are explained in below.

  • 5 Years – Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe (SC/ST)
  • 3 Years – Other Backward Classes (OBC)
  • 3 Years – Defense Services personnel
  • 5 Years – ex-servicemen including Commissioned Officers and ECOs/SSCOs who have rendered at least 5 years Military Service
  • 5 Years in the case of ECOs/SSCOs 10 Years – Blind, deaf-mute, and orthopedic ally handicapped persons
  • 5 Years –  In the case of ECOs/SSCOs who have completed an initial period of assignment of five years of Military Service and whose assignment has been extended beyond five years and in whose case the Ministry of Defense issues a certificate that they can apply for civil employment and that they will be released on three months’ notice on selection from the date of receipt of offer of appointment.

Number Of Attempts-

In ias exam UPSC has fixed number of attempts for every aspirants to get best mind across the nation. Before we talk about number of attempts we should know how UPSC count attempts for an aspirants.

If you have filled ias exam form and download the admit card but did not go to examination hall, your attempt will not be counted.

your attempt will be counted only if you fill-up the form and sit for the prelims exam and fill all the details in the answer booklet in examination center.

Currently there are 6 attempts for general category aspirants and 9 for OBC category aspirants and unlimited attempts for SC/ST category aspirants till the age of 37 years.

So the number of attempts in ias exam are enough to clear it but you need focussed approach towards IAS exam with full dedication.

9-Apply For IAS Exam-

Once you full fill all the eligibility condition for ias exam you can apply for it online. UPSC ask applications online through its official website.

The ias exam notification issue in the month of february every year which last upto march. UPSC provides every detail regarding exam application, exam types, ias exam pattern, syllabus etc in this notification so you can get complete information from there too.

UPSC application is divided into two form , the first part is for personal details and educational qualification details. Once you complete its first part, you can fill-up second part immediately.

The second part need payment of and your photo, signature details in specific size. After you submit all these details, you will get sms in your registered mobile & email .

You can save these details for further process specially when you will download admit card for ias exam. So note down the registration number in safe place.

10-IAS Exam results-

IAS exam results are announced once prelims paper is completed , you can check it UPSC official website. Click here

11-IAS Exam Website s-

UPSC preparation has two mode one is through UPSC books and other is online website, blog & YouTube channel, Videos. I have made a list of useful websites for IAS exam which can be very helpful in IAS exam preparation.

  • UPSC Preparation Online –This website is made for IAS exam information, how to start IAS preparation, UPSC Books etc. You can read this blog for UPSC Exam preparation.
  • UPSC-UPSC full form is union public service commission the official website which conduct the IAS exam every year. You can get all the information related UPSC exam and other group A exam in this website.
  • UPSC Online.-This is UPSC exam portal to apply for various exam, you can get exam notification from here.
  • Insightsonindia.-One of the top website for IAS exam preparation, This website has very useful information for ias aspirants. Current affairs are the best product of this website.
  • Clearias-Another useful website for IAS exam preparation , test series is the hallmark of this website so worth visit.
  • Mrunal- Amazing website for IAS exam preparation specially for economy and geography subjects. You can watch its video series for various topics.
  • Unacademy-One of the top online platform for various competitive exam including IAS exam. Videos of this website are very useful for IAS exam preparation..

Useful Links-

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